Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Endah N Rhesa - Waiting (Official Video) (+playlist)

gw lagi suka banget sama pasangan ini... denger lagunya tiap harus lembur di kantor kya gini.... nih gw bagi liriknya

I start to write a
love letter, when I first met you there

But I still keep it on my secret place
I’m not the only one who adores you anyway
But someday you will know that I am here

I’m just waiting for a moment to tell you
I’m waiting, and I’ll make you all mine
I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting…

I don’t care what people say about who you are and what you do
And all I see is that perfect lies in you
I believe that the time will come and we will be together

Oh I am so in love with you, and Im
falling, Im falling for you

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